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Our curriculum is developed based from the British EYFS framework and adapted to suit the cultural and social aspects of the Thai society. We are committed to give children a wide range of learning opportunities to helps children achieve their learning goals while developing their personalities according to our core values as follows:

G : Growth – We aim to promote children personal growth both physically and emotionally.

R : Responsible – We aim to develop the sense of responsibility to children since their youth.

E : Ethics – We aim to nurture children while also introducing Thai and international ethical values in our teachings.

E : Enjoy – We aim to promote enjoyment in each activities so that learning will always be fun.

N : Nature – We aim to instill the love of nature and harmony to children as nature can have a profound impact on the development and nature of children.

The British EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) framework sets out 7 areas of learning and development and these have the following aspects.

Personal, social and emotional development.

Making relationships.

Self-confidence and self-awareness.

Managing feelings and behavior.

2. Physical development:

Moving and handling.

Health and self-care.

3. Communication and language development:

Listening and attention.



4. Literacy development:



5. Mathematics development:


Shape, space and measure.

6.Understanding the world:

People and communities.

The world.


7.Expressive arts and design development:

Exploring and using media and materials.

Being imaginative